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Hello! Thank you to everyone who said hello to us it's so very nice to be loved, we are a bit all on our own out here.

Hello to Morag, who responded first and I'm glad the wedding was lovely, and to Ross who it was great to hear from, say hi to the other boys, and Erin and Ed yey! and Georgie yes I have been wearing my hat though I've not been really outside much - we've been in the swimming pool and otherwise you get straight into a taxi into inside places. Tonight we're going to go to the market though, that'll be cool! And we fly to Oz early Tuesday morning -need to get up at 4am! We arrive in Brisbane at 6:35 on Wednesday, and into Rockhampton at 13:15 (about 3am your time) Apparently there will be a cheesecake waiting for us. This pleases me.

Anyway, the main point of today's email is about Fuzzbum. For those of you who don't know, Fuzzbum is Ari's cat. She has had him since she was 18 and when she moved to Scotland poor little Fuzzers had to stay in the UAE. I was very much looking forward to meeting him as she loves him more than many things.

But Mr Bum is not my greatest fan. He is hideously, hideously, jealous of me. I've never seen a cat with such a defined personality. He doesn't like it at all that I get to cuddle up with Ari now and we try really hard to include him, sometimes I sit away from her to give him a shot at the Ari snuggles, but this makes him feel patronised and indignant. He sits curled up, STARING at us giving us the dirtiest looks. Very occasionally he lets me stroke him, mainly he runs away as soon as I do anything he doesn't like, like maybe move my finger. Today he was sitting in the kitchen doorway, looking ahead and me and Ari wandering about and as soon as I turned round to look at him he didn't move, but just turned his head to one side away from me to let me know that he Wasn't Talking To Me.

It's all terribly sad. I just want to love him too.

Anyway, I'll sign off just now. Hello to everybody and we will write again soon.

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Hello people!

I'd like to just say I am very very distressed that no one - that's not ONE person, not Morag, not ANYONE has said hello to us and we are very lonely.

Otherwise, this is great. Today we got up at 8:30 (that's 5:30 where you guys are so very early) and put copious amounts of suncream on before going for a lovely swim on the roof. then a jacuzzi. But then it was just too darn hot so we went back inside, then took a taxi to Abu Dhabi Mall. We had iced tea and a fabulous thing called a cinnabun ( They are straight from heaven. We did some shopping then came home. We are now contemplating an afternoon nap.

Life is VERY hard. WHy oh why does no-one want to write?

Hee hee hee.

Lizzie xxx

Nobody wants to write because we're being smug bastards. Hmm.

We love you! And we really do miss everyone, and as much as Abu Dhabi is fun, it's also the kind of place that drives you crazy. I have to tie my hair back before I can get into a taxi without being hassled. Even though it's forty degrees out there, we have to walk about covered up from neck to wrist to ankle. Alas! The swimming pool honestly doesn't ease the pain.

yes it does. She's a moaning little twat.

But very pretty.

Oh and we do miss you all. Today we have specifically missed Ashley, Morag, Charmaine,Paul and Keir and Georgie.


me again!

Sep. 1st, 2005 07:37 pm
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We have decided by the way that I am going to write stuff in bold and italic like this and Ari not,
like this. I am very glas the thingwith the photos worked! I am both proud of myself and grateful to Morag.(by the way I can't work out how to use the icon you made us. Sorry.)

Yesterday was the best day. We had a lovely baked potato in the airport, then finally got on the plane, which was amazing. Ari tells me I'm 'such a gauche tourist' but I don't care and even she has to admit Emirates is an amazing airline. We had two seats by the window and we weren't next to anyone else so good for not getting cramped. We had little screens in the back of the seats with TV and really cool games!!! Food was yummy and flight generally amazing. Then of course we got off the plane -into 33 degree heat at half midnight. We had to queue for an hour at immigration then the nightmare taxi journey, but finally got to bed at 6am!

Anyway, Ari's Mum's made ribs so I'll have to go.

We miss you all!!!!

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Hello everyone! We smell like a swimming pool right now, ha ha ha! We put on our bikinis, went onto the roof, and swam in warm water. Then we watched the sun set over the Corniche. We were nearly caught kissing in the jacuzi by a big Arabic bloke who'd brought his kids up for a swim. We must be more careful.

But we had the most nightmarish time getting here from Dubai. We ended up having to get a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, which is a fucking long way, but no buses. We got in and everything was ok until we got near Abu Dhabi and discovered that our taxi driver was too blind to read the road signs. We got lost, ended up on the road back to Dubai and only made it back into Abu Dhabi by getting him to drive slowly so we could read the road signs for him. Once into the city he had to ask a passing taxi driver for directions to my street. He had no idea where he was or what he was doing and it was four in the morning and we'd had no sleep and we nearly died!

We're ok now though.

We're actually having the best time, woo hoo!

Thankyou so much for the party. It was amazing to see so many people who love us in the same room.

Ooh, exciting news, Jorden (our Jorden, not tits Jordan) has had a baby and his name is Keiran and he is the most gorgeous baby. Jorden let us hold him for an hour and a half, and it was amazing to hold something that fragile and warm and heavy. Jorden is in love with him. She looks beautiful.

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Hello! We are in Abu Dhabi, it's HOT and we'vejust been swimming.

First though, thankyou so much to everyone who cameto our leaving party. It was the most amazing night and meant a lot to us. Thanks especially to Fliss and Sian for the cakes )both of them )

Ok, we're really new at this so I'll try and see if that worked then let Ari say some stuff cos she's bored.

Oh, also, anyone know how to make those pics smaller? We already made them 25% of original size on Photobucket.



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