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I think this is called pimping... my darling semi-quasi-sister-in-law type, Becky of the Wigmore, is selling books on Ebay. I know people reading this like books.


Check it aht. Mofos.

That's me in pimp mode.

How are you all? I spoke to Dave on Thursday to tell him I was advised to withdraw my visa application, rather than have it rejected, which counts negatively against me. (is that tortology?)

In other news, how gorgeous is little Dylan? He is beautiful. The other day we answered the phones all evening purely in exchange for Dylan cuddles. He is so damned cuddly.

beautiful boy )

Ho hum.

We're coming home soon.

4 weeks, then the Casses descend for about a week, then 4 weeks, then Fiji for a couple of weeks, then finishing up, then home.

Then a house and a kitten and many pints and pies.


You are all ma bitches.

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