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 Hello. Lots to report this week.

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2. There was a mouse in the house on Monday night. She sat in Cedric’s bowl, eating his food. This proved prophetic – after attempts to get her out, we had to leave her and Cedric to it. In the morning he was very happy, and not hungry. So much for his diet.

3. The MagicF continues. I went to Glasgow on Thursday night for it, and stayed over at Julia’s house, which was fun. I also didn’t so much as speak to Ari for over 24 hours. I think that’s the first time that’s happened in nearly seven years.

In Glasgow I:
  • Caught up with Sarah D. We went to see a slightly bizarre but cool show, and had dinner. I am waiting to see how the MOT goes to plan a visit.
  • Met up with Gareth to see the Magners Festival Club (very good, recommended, review should be up on the Skinny site soon). Unfortunately arrived late and were sat in the front row. Hate the front row when I’m reviewing the show. I would say ‘ha! Teach me to be late!’, but I was only late because of the other show and I will never learn to not go and see lots of shows.
  • Saw most of the Awesome Comedy Film Touching the Void. Gritty real-life mountaineering re-enactment with the best punchline EVER. Even beats Ari’s current favourite, from Life is Beautiful.
  • Got to hang out a wee bit in Glasgow, rather than my usual frantic back-and-forth. Have a newfound love for it.
  • Went on SubCity Radio to talk about the MagicF. Was a bit ill-prepared, but it was fun.
4. Everything is ending this week. Tomorrow is my last day at Hearts & Minds, and then on Wednesday I finish Stupid Dalkeith Job. Friday, or the beginning of next week, should be the last of my Magnetic North hours, too. The first is sad, but I did get a goodbye muffin. The second I’m pretty darned happy about, though I am also going for a last day lunch, mostly because someone else is finishing up there, too. The people are lovely, to be fair, it’s just far and dull. The third I will be glad to get tied up, just because it’s been delayed for various reasons.

5. Other work prospects are…ok. I’m doing some work on a symposium in Glasgow in June, which will be about one day a week starting for next week, a I have one day a week back at Edinburgh Uni, with the prospect of more hours. I need another solid day to be breaking even. It would be nice to start turning a profit and paying off debt though.

6. I totally saw a couple having sex on the street, on Rossie Place. I turned the corner and thought the girl was possibly being attacked; she was pinned up against the wall and moaning. Then I realised she was enjoying herself. Then I realised she was really enjoying herself, and crossed the street so as not to bump into them. Up against a colonies house! I ask you.

7. Saw Georgie – once at Jonathan’s leaving do, (where a friend of hers accidentally spilt a glass of red wine on me. She was * so * apologetic, and so marvelled about how nice I was being about it, that I can only think she must have really mean friends.) and then again yesterday for lunch. Always so lovely to catch up.

8. Secret project from last week was the making of Hazel’s doll’s house. Ok, ‘making’ is a slight exaggeration. It’s a house we rescued that had been put out for the bins, but was perfectly fine. I did it up for Hazel’s birthday, as she had an ‘everything is tiny’ theme. So for most of the past two weeks I have been:
  • Painting the outside of the house
  • Stripping some of the wallpaper
  • Painting the inside of the house
  • Ripping out the carpets
  • Tiling two floors; one in cardboard and one in real tiles (the mosaic tiles from our bathroom)
  • Knitting a carpet
  • Weaving a different carpet
  • Making tiiiny furniture, including a washing machine.
I think she likes it – I hope so. It was hella fun to make, but is not yet fully furnished so there can still be fun in Hazel’s future.

9. Saturday night was the night of two parties - went to Mo's fairly early, which apparently is a first - there were places to sit, and there was room in the kitchen, and all sorts of fabulous things. I had one glass of wine, which was apparently one too many; once I got to Hazels' house I went to lie down on her bed for about half an hour as the world was spinning and I felt really, really terrible. I got up and drank water and managed to get a little bit more balanced before I went home, though, and was able to appreciate the tiny tiny party, albeit through a brain fug.

10. Completed the census, with some difficulty. It kept asking me questions about my main job, and I don’t really have a main job, so had to give multiple answers.

11. I am very glad that March is on its way out. It has been a pisser of a month (albeit with some moments of joyful magic). I anticipate great things in April.

Happy Monday!

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Lunchtime update today as am straight on a train down south after work (and morningness not happening today).

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1. Hermione is proper fixed. We even checked the tyre pressure (supposed to check every 14 days, we’ve checked every never). It was so good to be able to drive out to Dalkeith rather than spend hours on buses.

2. Also meant I could resume the driving of Toby to nursery – on his nursery day, I work round the corner, so is dead easy to drive him in. It's nice time for us to have together, too. It's been a while since I last drove him, and then it was mostly about stopping him from crying, but now he's totally chilled out. We had proper chats. He told me nursery looked like a big castle, which is not true. We also (I forget why) started talking about Peppa Pig and he told me that Peppa was a boy, and that George and Grandpa Pig were girls. I didn't correct him, I saw no reason to enforce gender constructs onto a cartoon pig. It was dead nice to chat to him though. 

3. Oh, talking of cartoon pigs, me and Ari have been tickled pink by this all week. I don't even know why.

4. In the interests of equal coverage, Seth is gorgeoussocks, too. He's teething and so has a propensity to grab various of my body parts (fingers and knees) and bite them, gummily. He is sooo cuddly and smiley and just fricking awesome.

5. Toby prefers Ari though. She hardly ever sees him, but he's so pleased when she does. We went over for tea and cakes on Saturday and the two of them spent most of the time drawing dinosaurs on the table with cream cake.

6. Had a hella Emily weekend, cause I saw her again on Saturday night. She painted my nails (with nail polish that, by the way, doesn't come off. I need clean nails before the funeral tomorrow!) and we talked about weddings and drank wine and watched some of Hot Fuzz

Pretty dresses

7. Watched the red carpet bit of the Oscars with Erin. Some lovely dresses. Some terrifying dresses. Yay dresses! Apparently there were film awards afterwards. I don't really like films.

8. Finally sorted out our own dresses for the ball, courtesy of the lovely Hazel. Mine is a vintage 1940s dealio, and Ari’s is the most amazing blue velvet. I think we will look like beautiful ladies.

9. Quite apart from the fact that we couldn’t possibly afford them, I am glad we didn’t buy new dresses. I am reading Sew your Own, which Erin lent to me. It’s very good but is making me feel very guilty about buying anything, or throwing anything away. So I have decided to start trying to make my own clothes out of reclaimed fabrics. I’ll start small, maybe a couple of things for Tobynseth, so that I don’t waste too much fabric when I mess it up.  I might do a course.

We went charity shopping on Saturday and I discovered that the Shelter shop on Nicolson Street has sewing patterns and lot of sewing bits and pieces at about 10% the price of John Lewis. 

It’s a good book, though, and it’s not actually preachy or anything. V recommended.

10. Getting an upgrade to my phone tonight, after work and before the train. Hopefully an HTC desire. Ooh. Leastways it will be one that doesn't randomly delete texts.

11. We also went to the Mosque kitchen on Saturday. Yumbolicious. That is all.

This week, its joys and pitfalls

12. Tomorrow, we make the last payment on Ari's MA. We got there on a hangglider.

13. I'm doing an open learning Editing and Proofreading course at Dumfries and Galloway college. I've had the stuff through the post though have yet to look at it.

Generally I’m having a bit of a befuddled day. I boiled the kettle without the lid on this morning, forgot my sandwiches, which I stayed up late to make, and stood for about a minute outside the cash point wondering what it was I was supposed to do. I think I’m just nervous about everything the coming week holds.

However I am as read as I will ever be, I think. Ari is incredibly patient with my analness. I have left her with lists today, not because I don't trust her, but because I feel if I have written things down on a list then I don't have to think about them any more.

15. Friday is my birthday. I like diamonds. Thanks.

16. I think I prefer daffodils, actually. 

17. I am going to see every single member of my immediate family this week: both parents and both brothers. I think that last happened circa 1998.

Have a good week everyone. I will be glad when mine is over, though it will hopefully hold some nuggets of happiness, too.

Lizzie xxxx
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Ok I am going to go and fall asleep now. Enjoy the last week of February. With March, comes Spring, and daffodils. I like daffodils.


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Wasn't sure if I'd have time this morning as I have been busy trying to look nice; I have a job interview at 11, though am into work first. I'm about ready though and I figured I'd feel calmer if I could do this before setting off (nearly wrote 'karma' there. I blame John Lennon, now on Six Music).

Also good for Jackie's Monday morning procrastination.
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Happy Monday!

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Don't worry, I won't wear them together.

Also a goldish silk scarf thing they don't have a pic of on the website.

Thank you Thank you  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!


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Did you know that if you go to Tasmania, you are out of mobile reception for most of the time? We spent a week out of range of everyone. Tasmania is full of nature and close cousins with webbed feet. They are friendly and very good at making jam and rustic furniture. Lizzie and I spent most of our time admiring mountains - 'Oh goodie, a mountain! I wanna ride a horsie!' - a la Brokeback Mountain. We camped by wonderful streams and made giant roaring fires and ate singed sausages. We had an astonishing time. This is the best holiday I have ever, ever had.

Before we went to Tassie we went to Sydney for the Mardis Gras. It was really too crowded to see much, but we found a tree, climbed it, and veiwed various floats and lights and people shaking their bootie from high up. We swigged heroically from bottles of chardonnay and were serenaded from beneath by drunk Irishmen who wanted to climb up with us. A good time was had by all. This time we were in Sydney with money. We thought it would make a huge difference to our opinion of it, but I'm afraid Sydney still smells.

After Tasmania we went to Adelaide, and we spent most of it in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, a big fairground with lots of theatre, a ferris wheel and a flying trapeze. We saw two very good shows for free on account of being friends with comedians. We ate a lot of food, and we met a couple of lovely people, and we are now much fatter and poorer than we were at the beginning. But we had such a good time. Every day was amazing.

Believe it or not, this is the abridged version of what happened, and if you've read this far then well done. Lizzie will post later, and I will leave it up to her to describe her near arrest at the hands of Hobart's police force, the ineptitude of Adelaide hostels, and my incredible yet liberating flatulence throughout.

Did you know that homosexuality has only been legal in Tasmania for about five years? ('oh goodie, a mountain!')

Love to all, especially Georgie, who texted us the other day, and who we called from the Mardis Gras whilst drunk. Congratulations again on getting into Edinburgh uni - we are so so proud of you.
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and we're going on a fabulous holiday covering 3 time zones and 4 states in 10 days and it's goign to be fabulous! Cannot wait to go to the Mardi Gras tomorrow.

More less fluffy stuff soon to report on. Love you all



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