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I hate women who complain about being treated differently because they're women, when really it's because they're stupid, or they're not being treated differently at all.

I also hate FUCKING SEXIST BASTARDS and Australia is the onyl place I have come across them. 2 of them, comedians. I hate them. They're a shit, racist act anyway and they are FUCKING SEXIST BASTARDS (anyone sensing the theme?)

The mic went yesterday at the start of the show, and I was DJing. I suggested to the MC he use the spare one. Grant and I tried to sort it out during the first break and we thought it was sorted, but it failed again. Fortunately there weren't many people in the room, pretty much people could be heard anyway. THe headling act were a musical act, though, so needed more technical stuff. During the 2nd break, Steve, the compere, said he thought it was the lead that was broken, so I said I'd see if we had a spare one. Big Brother Little Brother, the headliners, said that they had one. When I said I would replace the faulty lead with theirs, which we knew worked, the said no no no much better idea, we'll simply use it as a completely unneccessary extnesion lead for the mic that works just fine. I said ok (which to be fair was my stupid fault).

We're still trying to do a sound check, when Steve comes on stage in front of BBLB, and starts the show, randomly, which was wierd. BBLB come on and surprise, surprise, the mic doesn't work. They get primadonnaish and announce there will be another short break. I run up on stage and grab the spare lead and replace the faulty one, just as I wanted to do in the first place, sound is perfectly fine. BBLB get back on stage, express their sincere gratitude to Steve for fixing it, and do their set with perfect sound. Afterwards, they made me, and Ari who had come down to meet me despite the fact our dinner was in the oven, stay while they fiddled with stuff needlessly and kept saying they thought the problem was the amp. I explained several times that if 2 out of 3 mics work, and the third one also works once the lead has been changed, then the problem is probably the lead. They didn;t listen to a word, they just came into the sound box going, so what's this lead? WHy is that different form before, and I explained hos the system worked and I might have well as been a chair.


Sorry. Rant over.


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Hello! I am supposed to be working but there is fuck all I can do - I can't finish the post-show stats until Ariadne wakes her sleepy head up, and I can't enter forms because to do that I need to be in the other room and there are two comedians asleep on the floor. Hungover, probably. Tsk. (The fact that I also have the motherfucker of all hangovers is irrelevant. Wine is nice. Yum.)

So, a few things:
1 - Sian, Fliss and Morag are my A-Team Angels. They have put my mind at a lot more rest with the whole horrible flat situation (there are friends-only posts re this) I owe them flowers or whisky or pie or something marvellous. We stood in our yuppie blah Australian kitchen feeling all warm and loved that we still have friends that come to our aid even though we are the other side of the world. So very very homesick and can't wait to see everyone.

2 - We're going on holiday! As mentioned earlier, we have comedians on the floor. For 3 weeks. More than our little heads can stand. Dave was going to give them some money and send them on holiday for the weekend-y bit in between shows. I said hang on, if you're going to do that, why don't you send us on holiday instead? We're nice. And one thing became another thing, cakes were baked and we all danced round in a circle, and the upshot is: Tomorrow (Sunday) we're taking Dave's car and his tent and driving off into the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (that's Aussie for outback) We will return on Wednesday morning, having been paid for Tuesday. On the middle night of our 3-night adventure, we will be staying here courtesy of Dave.

EDIT: Wow I just manage to put a cool linky thing in! All by myself! I rock.

Noice. So, we're going to have lots of chilling and thinking and stuff. It's going to be a sort of retreat thing, Ari can get some writing done and I can too, for point no 3 of this broadcast:

3 - I have a comedy gig!! 20th of June! Agh! I thought I'd take the plunge. I have no idea what I'm doing. He-e-elp!

Oh my head.

Tonight we are supposed to be going on a Gay Date with little Justin (from the department of same) This is goign to sound sadder than I mean it, but he's are only real friend here...that's not true. He's our only friend of a certain type. THe only one who resembles proper people. He's cool. Last Saturday he came round for soup and spliffs and we promised to teach him to cook. Tonight we're supposed to be going out on the town. We haven't done that in years.

God we're such old women.

Love and Pie



May. 8th, 2006 09:43 pm
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THe office is moved and we have internet IN OUR HOUSE!!! How cool is THAT?

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We are in Melbourne. As Ari mentioned. The International Comedy Festival is on and we are trying to blag as many free tickets as possible by calling them 'industry comps'. Heh heh heh heh heh. Melbourne is cool. It is the city most like Edinburgh.

Ah, I miss home.
Main stuff. Have just cut this for length. Pc was being a wanker yesterday )
Tired now. I think I may have conjunctivitis.




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