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So, who said they had boxes??!!

(Thank you)
lizzie_and_ari: (kiss) everyone who came last night. I feel hunogover and icky and have a job interview in an hour, but also feel warm and loved. We both had the most amazing time.

Thank you.

Lizzie xxxxxxxxxx


Oct. 14th, 2006 03:50 pm
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To all who are reading this -

At last, an official announcement about:
Lizzie and Ari's big Housewarming Party!
Saturday, October 21st 2006 (8ish onwards)

Carpets are in, bathroom is in, stuff is sorted and we even have our filing cabinet. There is, however, the odd bad vibe so you are all charged to come and be merry to truly warm the house and make it our own.

This will be taking the form of a Foot Party.
Everyone is charged to come wih exciting feet: either painted and bejewelled or (particularly for those who don't really like feet for one reason or another) with exciting socks, slippers, or other adornments nor worn outside. This will fulfill the joint purposes of a)not ruining our carpets (practical reason) and b) properly grounding the flat (slightly wanky, more ephemeral reason).

There will of course be rom for your outside shoes in the hallway, it's not like you have to leave them outside.

Bring what you like, including other people if you want so long as they are lovely. (very important proviso.)

Oh, this is where we live:
Flat 2, 8 Elliot St, Edinburgh

map )
See you all there!

PS: Let us know whether or not you are coming!
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I am having a bad day.

At 2:30 this morning I was woken up by a crazed guy on lots of drugs banging on our flat door asking for spare change. I called the police and fortunately they took him away, but I was very frightened then and didn't sleep for ages.

Obviously I was then late to work, which doesn't matter anyway as today I did NOTHING for 6 1/2 hours except go for lunch. Then I did 10 minutes of work.

I came home and hardly any time after, one of the neighbours knocked on our door and told us to move our rubbish from outside. (Back story: When we had the carpets redone, we put them outside on top of some existing large rubbish, then phoned the council to pick them up, which they were due to do today. I presumed they would just pick it all up. When this woman put up a notice a couple of days ago saying please move the rubbish outside, I felt bad and wrote a wee note underneath saying 'sorry, that's ours, it's getting moved on Friday.' Except, the bloody council only took the wee bit from on top, which was ours and left the rest) So, I explained tht the rubbish outside wasn't ours, the stuff that was had been taken away by the council today.
'Well, why did't they take it all?'
'I don't know, I presumed they would.'
'If the council come, they'll take it all.'
'That's what I thought, but I've come home from work and they've only taken the top bit.'
'Well can you move the rest of your rubbish, please?'
'That rubbish isn't ours.'
'The council must not have been.'
'I don't know, I can only tell you I've just come home and only our stuff has gone.'
'Maybe someone else was pissed off, too, and they threw it out. Can you move the rest of it?'
'That;s not our rubbish.'
'No-one else has had works done.'
'I don't know about that, I just know that was there before our stuff.'
'Well, can you just move your stuff then?'
'It's not our stuff.'

Etc etc ad infinitum. Eventually she went away , saying she would knock on everyone else's door and find out whose it was.

Of course, if whoever's it is lies, or it was dumped there by someone not in this stair, she'll continue to think me a liar.

I hate being accused of lying. I am a bad liar.

She is a psycho whore bitch.

This flat has bad karma.


In other news, Ari bought me a cute tiny owl who is looking after me in my distress.

..oh and I think I'm premenstrual.

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We have a new bathroom. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

We also have new carpets in the bedroom and study. I don't like to walk on them.

We also have a new (well, to us, and handily free) shelving unit, which we needed badly to accommodate all our books.

We have ALL our stuff back. It's beautiful.

We are throwing a lot of it away again (well to the charity shop. Or if anyone wants wierd lamps and random posters, let us know!).

Our home is so beautiful.

Not gloating, just happy.

We having a big party on October 21st to celebrate. More details later, but no shoes.

Very very tired now.

Oh, (small trumpet sounds) We have 2 New LJ Friends, Ed and Padmini. Feel all warm inside.

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some of you may have noticed it's been a while since either of us last wrote anything of any interest. This is not because we intend to stop using Live Journal entirely (or I don't anyway) but because we have been busy having fun!! I apologise for any information below you have already heard, as many of you will have done

The fallout of evil Rich )

Shiny new jobs )

The brilliance of being home, Ari and my Mum )

So, on that jolly note...Ari is working at the Tron today, Ash called at 10 to say she is sick, and I promised I'd make sure she got lunch. Not sure what time she's on 'til.

Love you all still,



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