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Apr. 25th, 2012 02:17 am
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I would please like to ask to impossible.

Ari's mum is doing one hopefully shoudl be the first year in a very long design course. At 50+, she is reclaming her life and retraining as an architect. Hurrah for her, woman power etc. Honestly it's such a good thing.

She is however facing the following:

1. Her computer is more shit than any of you can probably imagine. To be honest, she needs a Mac for the sort of work she's doing, but at the very least needs a new PC (laptop)
2. She really really needs the most recent Photoshop.
3. They have no money. Like, spent a year in the desert paying all their money to the Middle East kind of skint.
4. She deserves only good things.

So, how to get a state of the art Macbook with Photoshop and oh also Office 2010 by the way (she can probably get this from software4students) for no more than £400 at the OUTSIDE - or what to compromise on and what possible thing can possibly be done for her?

Help greatly appreciated darling folkses.


Edit: Additional clarification: She has started the course (academic year starts in Feb here) and this is based specifically on what it is she needs. Office is a slight side point, so leaving that aside for now, she specifically needs the latest version of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. She's currently using trial versions and even they are frustrating her.They do have computer labs but there's a lot of work she needs to do from home.

She needs to have a laptop, because of a) mobility and b) her lack of space for a desktop. They're free to use PCs or Macs but have been advised that Macs are the optimal OS. For some context, her current PC was bought in 2006 (maybe second hand). It has no battery, something very dodgy about the wireless card (internet keeps cutting out), is very slow, and has a 13" screen! ANY improvement on that really would be something!

She's limping along with what she's got and *can* probably get through the course if she has to - though I think her current laptop is at risk of sudden death - but she's wasting a lot of time and frustration. Essentially, what she NEEDS is:

* Abode Photoshop latest version
* Adobe Illustrator latest version
* A laptop computer that actually works in the way that the average person would expect it to.

Ari's Dad's been looking at the deals in Barry Norman and whatnot but that's exactly what we told him - something a computer shop tells you is a good deal is probably going to actaully rip you off a lot. Also, computers are generally much more expensive over here, so we're wondering if the thing to do might be to get hold of one in the UK and send it over. (Ideally, if anyone knows of anything going second hand but still perfectly fine...?)
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This is highly unusual for Cedric; he’s not been sick since he was wee. So I was actually late for work. This is as opposed to just arriving on time, but without having achieved the things I had intended to, which is my normal late behaviour. I’m actually much much better than I used to be at getting to work on time even if I’m running late. Cat vomit is, however, not within my standard risk assessment. Bleugh.


1. Ari has Bad Teeth. She had to go to the emergency dentist, who prescribed her Metronidazole, the Beelzebub of antibiotics. I have spent time looking after her, cooking soup and buying icecream.

2. Have been feeling guilty about cooking recently: because I am out at work all way and Ari, whilst working, is not out, and because I have twice weekly exercise classes and Ari has nightly tours, she has ended up doing an disproportionate amount of cooking. Given that I did a massive shop on Saturday, I decided last night – when Ari was out at work – to Cook. I cooked up a massive batch of pasta sauce, made two lasagnes – one big enough to do tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, hopefully, and a smaller one which I put in the freezer – and still had leftover sauce which I froze and we can use to put on a pizza. So that’s basically dinner made for three nights this week. I made my sandwiches for today and did all the washing up and cleaned the kitchen. I also did all the laundry yesterday, which was a LOT. Just call me Donna Reed.

3. Aquafit was cancelled on Thursday, as the tutor was sick, so Ari and I decided to go swimming. We went to Porty baths, where the Turkish baths were half price, because something unclear was broken. It was quiet, so we mostly had the lanes in the pool to ourselves, so could do lots of stretching and fun stuff (I’m not a massive fan of the ‘lengths’ school of swimming; it’s why Aquafit suits me so well). Afterwards we got chips and walked home.

4. I also bought a Wagon Wheel from the chippie because they were only 25p and Ari had never heard of them.

5. Dinner with Hazel and John on Friday. Cheated the cooking part by buying Ricebox deep fried tofu and mixing it through with rice and egg. Voila: dinner for four. Then we got into some marvellously spirited discussions, but I’m sure we all still love each other.

6. Probably.

7. Went to Erin’s birthday party at the Regent on Saturday. Couldn’t stay for too long, as Ari was home in pain (see 1), but saw some cool bananas folk. I even intended leaving before I did but stayed ‘for five minutes’ to actually talk to Erin (the nature of these things being that I had talked to nearly everybody else). Then Erin played on my weak spot, suggesting we play The Machine. Diabolical fiend. An hour later, I left to tend to my sick wife.

Note: Erin was vere pretty with good eyeliner.

8. Had Epic Fail in making it to Hannah’s on Sunday. Day ran away with me, Ari was still really sickish, and Hermione had a flat tyre. Couldn’t face any of it.

9. Had some proper awesome time with Toby. Went over to distract him whilst Ems and Ade packed for their holiday. It was excellent because mostly, I go over to see the lot of them, and between wanting to have Grown Up Discussions with Emily, squishy cuddles with Seth and highjinks with Toby, I often end up doing none of these to any great effect. In this instance, although there was a wee bit of the first two, mostly it was about the latter. We played trains, and high speed buses, and lions and tigers, and horses (which involved him licking the rug; fortunately it’d recently been cleaned) and there was a lot of tickling. I had so much fun. It’s really important to me to maintain a relationship with him separate to my relationship with Emily, and with Seth (albeit that these are equally important), so it was just hella awesome. He is my homie and I love the bones of him. </sappy>

10. Epic Proofreading Fail: After encouraging John to register the domain www.edinburghthaimassage.co.uk, and redirecting it to his own site, despite it feeling a bit bold and cheeky, I thought I would take my own advice, and register proofreadingscotland.co.uk. I felt good about this.

I did wonder, however, why, after 24 hours, the redirect still wasn’t working.

It was at this point that I realised that I had registered proofreadingscotand.co.uk. Because I am both a numpty and, it seems, a terrible, terrible, proofreader. Good career choice, Lizzie.

11. My Ma is no longer mayor. She reached the end of her one year term in the blink of an eye. I’m hoping she will now have time for things like eating dinner, though. She’s planning to come and see us at the end of June. It’ll be a busy time; Ari’s 30th, and both Eve and Tristan will be visiting, too. Careful co-ordination a go-go.

12. Hoping we still make it down for her 70th. Booked flights + return of The Ash Cloud =Ah. Bollocks.

13. Had a job interview, at the end of which they told me they wanted to see me again. Spent a couple of days debating some dilemmas over it. They have not called me since. Think dilemma consideration may have been moot.

14. Due to run the proofreading course at Leith Academy again on Saturday, but last count there were not enough bookings. Have held off prep in case of wasting my time. Am very torn between the desire for it to run, for the money and practice, and the desire for it to be cancelled, as I have so much work on, and don't want to lose my weekend.

15. Now I am home and feeling really very not well. Achy face and nausea. Bleugh. 

Sleep and fun to the rest of you,

Lizzie xxx
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I feel like I have done more things with this week than I would expect to do in a year.

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Happy Monday!

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Lunchtime update today as am straight on a train down south after work (and morningness not happening today).

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1. Hermione is proper fixed. We even checked the tyre pressure (supposed to check every 14 days, we’ve checked every never). It was so good to be able to drive out to Dalkeith rather than spend hours on buses.

2. Also meant I could resume the driving of Toby to nursery – on his nursery day, I work round the corner, so is dead easy to drive him in. It's nice time for us to have together, too. It's been a while since I last drove him, and then it was mostly about stopping him from crying, but now he's totally chilled out. We had proper chats. He told me nursery looked like a big castle, which is not true. We also (I forget why) started talking about Peppa Pig and he told me that Peppa was a boy, and that George and Grandpa Pig were girls. I didn't correct him, I saw no reason to enforce gender constructs onto a cartoon pig. It was dead nice to chat to him though. 

3. Oh, talking of cartoon pigs, me and Ari have been tickled pink by this all week. I don't even know why.

4. In the interests of equal coverage, Seth is gorgeoussocks, too. He's teething and so has a propensity to grab various of my body parts (fingers and knees) and bite them, gummily. He is sooo cuddly and smiley and just fricking awesome.

5. Toby prefers Ari though. She hardly ever sees him, but he's so pleased when she does. We went over for tea and cakes on Saturday and the two of them spent most of the time drawing dinosaurs on the table with cream cake.

6. Had a hella Emily weekend, cause I saw her again on Saturday night. She painted my nails (with nail polish that, by the way, doesn't come off. I need clean nails before the funeral tomorrow!) and we talked about weddings and drank wine and watched some of Hot Fuzz

Pretty dresses

7. Watched the red carpet bit of the Oscars with Erin. Some lovely dresses. Some terrifying dresses. Yay dresses! Apparently there were film awards afterwards. I don't really like films.

8. Finally sorted out our own dresses for the ball, courtesy of the lovely Hazel. Mine is a vintage 1940s dealio, and Ari’s is the most amazing blue velvet. I think we will look like beautiful ladies.

9. Quite apart from the fact that we couldn’t possibly afford them, I am glad we didn’t buy new dresses. I am reading Sew your Own, which Erin lent to me. It’s very good but is making me feel very guilty about buying anything, or throwing anything away. So I have decided to start trying to make my own clothes out of reclaimed fabrics. I’ll start small, maybe a couple of things for Tobynseth, so that I don’t waste too much fabric when I mess it up.  I might do a course.

We went charity shopping on Saturday and I discovered that the Shelter shop on Nicolson Street has sewing patterns and lot of sewing bits and pieces at about 10% the price of John Lewis. 

It’s a good book, though, and it’s not actually preachy or anything. V recommended.

10. Getting an upgrade to my phone tonight, after work and before the train. Hopefully an HTC desire. Ooh. Leastways it will be one that doesn't randomly delete texts.

11. We also went to the Mosque kitchen on Saturday. Yumbolicious. That is all.

This week, its joys and pitfalls

12. Tomorrow, we make the last payment on Ari's MA. We got there on a hangglider.

13. I'm doing an open learning Editing and Proofreading course at Dumfries and Galloway college. I've had the stuff through the post though have yet to look at it.

Generally I’m having a bit of a befuddled day. I boiled the kettle without the lid on this morning, forgot my sandwiches, which I stayed up late to make, and stood for about a minute outside the cash point wondering what it was I was supposed to do. I think I’m just nervous about everything the coming week holds.

However I am as read as I will ever be, I think. Ari is incredibly patient with my analness. I have left her with lists today, not because I don't trust her, but because I feel if I have written things down on a list then I don't have to think about them any more.

15. Friday is my birthday. I like diamonds. Thanks.

16. I think I prefer daffodils, actually. 

17. I am going to see every single member of my immediate family this week: both parents and both brothers. I think that last happened circa 1998.

Have a good week everyone. I will be glad when mine is over, though it will hopefully hold some nuggets of happiness, too.

Lizzie xxxx
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Ok I am going to go and fall asleep now. Enjoy the last week of February. With March, comes Spring, and daffodils. I like daffodils.


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This was originally going to be called something like 'equilibrium'. But that was broken somewhat yesterday.

I'll keep this chronological, though. Skip to 4 if you like. Alternatively, skip 4 entirely. It's a bit bleak and personal and the whole thing is much cheerier without it.

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I hope you all have lives filled with love of all kinds, today and every day


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Happy brand spanking new year! I think it's going to be excellent.

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Fifty-two Happy Mondays to you all xxxxxxxxx
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Happy Hogmanay everyone, see you in 2011!

Lizzie xxx
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Hey kids,

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Hope the next week or two is shiny and brilliant for you all, wherever you are and whatever you believe


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What a busy week I have been having.
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Have an ace week!

Lizzie xxxxxx
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Happy everything to all,

Lizzie xxx


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