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I feel like I have done more things with this week than I would expect to do in a year.

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Happy Monday!

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Hey kids!

So, today I do not really feel like working. This may be partly evidenced by the fact that it's half eleven and I have just had my breakfast.

Tchuh! I hear you say! Who does feel like working? Well, me, normally. I'm easily distracted into working on the wrong thing and messing up my deadlines but I could quite happily be fiddling with worky stuff all day. Today, however, I feel like playing. I think I will write this (kind of work, and must be done today for the sake of my mental stability) and then maybe do some housework. Normally I like to be strict about working in working hours, but if I do the ironing I will feel muchly better and I can watch the Gilmore GIrls at the same time. Also I did do three hours work yesterday which should have been a Play Day and I have a meeting at three so will be working from thereonin so that's ok.

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Ok so have a fabulous week everyone and remember where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing at all times.

lizzie_and_ari: (kiss) everyone who came last night. I feel hunogover and icky and have a job interview in an hour, but also feel warm and loved. We both had the most amazing time.

Thank you.

Lizzie xxxxxxxxxx
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We have a new bathroom. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

We also have new carpets in the bedroom and study. I don't like to walk on them.

We also have a new (well, to us, and handily free) shelving unit, which we needed badly to accommodate all our books.

We have ALL our stuff back. It's beautiful.

We are throwing a lot of it away again (well to the charity shop. Or if anyone wants wierd lamps and random posters, let us know!).

Our home is so beautiful.

Not gloating, just happy.

We having a big party on October 21st to celebrate. More details later, but no shoes.

Very very tired now.

Oh, (small trumpet sounds) We have 2 New LJ Friends, Ed and Padmini. Feel all warm inside.

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Thankyou to everyone for last night, by the way. I have never felt so at home or so loved and welcomed. I love you.



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