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So, we're supposed to be moving on Friday. I am supposed to be packing this weekend.

Unfortunately the bank decided on Thursday that they didn't want to give us a mortgage after all.

My financial advisor is working very very hard on alternative options.

This really needs to work out. If we don't settle on Friday, we become liable for 50 quid a day, and if we don't settle soon we have to pay remarketing costs (say 2-3 grand) plus any difference in price between what they sell it for and what we offered (possibly around 10 grand)

Then, of course, come the 27th of July, we become homeless.

My Mum says she doesn't feel bad about it and thinks it will work out and she's major league catholic with links Upstairs.

I realise there are a variety of people on our friends list, but please, whatever you believe in, pray to it for us!

Thanks folks!
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some of you may have noticed it's been a while since either of us last wrote anything of any interest. This is not because we intend to stop using Live Journal entirely (or I don't anyway) but because we have been busy having fun!! I apologise for any information below you have already heard, as many of you will have done

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So, on that jolly note...Ari is working at the Tron today, Ash called at 10 to say she is sick, and I promised I'd make sure she got lunch. Not sure what time she's on 'til.

Love you all still,

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Thankyou to everyone for last night, by the way. I have never felt so at home or so loved and welcomed. I love you.

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We're going to go to bed, then get up and come home.

See yous on Tuesday, hopefully - if not we're getting the phone/net put in Wednesday afternoon so will be back in radio contact.



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