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 So, Ari and I have a laptop each, theoretically. But they are both terrible - they crash, they burn, they freeze, they die.

As we have a little bit of spare cash right now, we're on the lookout for a new one. Particularly as said money is being earn by using the computers, and using one that works woudl make us about more efficient, which = more time to drink gin.

I know that a lot of our friends are very on top of what's hot, and good deals, and also know people who might be selling off used ones. If we want a used one, we do want one that's of decent quality - we've been through a raft of cast offs that have shortly died, but we are prepared to pay for that.

We really don't want to spend more than £400 though. Andy has sent us a link to a quite good looking one for £369, so it's doable. I suppose we just didn't want someone to say 'oh, hey, my friend just sold his really good one for £200' (people have in the past when we haven't had that much)

Our needs are in essence fairly basic. Needs to run fast and be sturdy:

Mac or PC - don't care
Weight - not too bothered - generally for home use
Memory - fairly high would be good, storage wise and the other type of memory (RAM?)
Hardiness - v important. Needs to be trampleable on by a cat and spillable upon by the odd bit of chinese food.
Battery power - any kind would be a new and unchartered experience for us!
Fancy features - not sure it needs any.

Any tips or leads greatly appreciated. We're not in a massive hurry, so want to keep an eye out and exploit opportunities.


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 Hello. I'm trying to build a database. I have been up since six and am at the stage of throwing the computer at the cat, hence killing two birds with one stone.

I have mostly created the database - in OpenOffice Base - and it's good. However, I'm trying to put in subinformation, so each record would look like ( for example);


(all being unique info), and then:

Post title     Post date      Post rating      User pic
Bees!          27/1/11                3/5                   bee
Wasps!       23/1/11                2/5                 chips
Elephants  20/1/11                4/5                  Map 
So that there is tabular information at the bottom, but that this information is unique to each record. At the moment I've done it so it looks exactly how I'd expected - with a subform at the bottom, but when I go into the next record, the information from the bottom table is in that record, too. That's not what I want!

Does anyone know what I can do?

Thank you.
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Hermione, my lovely wee Vauxhall Astra is sick.

The following things are wrong:
1. The alarm does not work
2. The lock does not work (managed eventually to lock it manually)
3. Probably most crucially: it does not start. The engine doesn't even turn over at all.

It was fine a week ago - I drove it round the block to check when we were sill planning on driving down south. The thing that have gone wrong happened all at once, which suggest perhaps a dead battery? And yet the lights still work, and also the dashboard lights.

Any advice? I have breakdown cover but not homestart :(. If it is the battery, does anyone live nearby and maybe have any jump leads?

She's too pretty to die so young.

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 So, I'm trying to make my website look half decent:

Thing is, I need a visual, thing, of some description and I do not have that kind of brain. Doing the Dr Sketchy one ( was great as we got the background etc from HQ so it was just putting it together. But my brain hurts for this one and all my ideas look shit.

Yes, I'm aware that the copy needs changing too, but for some reason I just keep going 'but it LOOKS wrong!' and this is impeding my ability to edit the copy. I realise this is weird.

If anyone is able to offer any help/advice etc, I'll be very grateful and would happily do any web coding/editing work etc in return. Or provide chocolate.


Lizzie x

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So I know a lot of you just love to criticise, so I would like to openly invite it:

The new Dr Sketchy's Edinburgh site is up: 

On the home page there's link for website feedback. If you'd like to fill this in, please do. Thanks.

Lizzie xx
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I would like to put some coding on a website where, in a sidebar or similar (ie not a whole page), I have changing content - this will be text content but could always be formatted as images.

This either needs to automatically change every 10 seconds or so (like the quote section on this sample site (bottom right-ish) or change to something different each time the page is refreshed - in the same way that ads do on sponsored pages . 

Does that make sense and does anyone have a clue as to how? Marquee text would be the closest but it's a) not quite right and b) deprecated.

Ta loves,

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We've downgraded out internet package which means we no longer get free anti-virus and spyware. Who's good for getting this free or cheap?


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Hi all,

I need to learn about graphic design and print styles andall about margins and stuff and become familiar with the likes of Adobe Ilustrator.

Does anyone know where I could do a part time (or VERY short intensive) course in such a thing?

Or, is anyone qualified in such a thing and would be willing to teach me in exchange for reward. (although preferably the former as it's something official I can write on my CV)

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...where we might be able to get a 2006 calendar at this late stage?

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Does anyone want...

A colour TV or a wallpaper pasting table?

Have put them on Freecycle, but if any of you guys want them...


We need some new userpics. They're quite Australian


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