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Sep. 11th, 2014 11:33 am
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I HAVE CREATED MY OWN MEME. This is what maternity leave is good for.

It follows a few conversations I've had about how many different jobs people have had. For example, I believe the gentleman currently covering my maternity leave has had only two, depending on how you count it, whereas I have had over 50.

The rules: list the jobs you have had, including approximate time you worked there and approximate age when you were. The same type of job with different employers counts each time, self-employed type jobs pretty much count as one, but it's up to you how separate you regard(ed) them. You don't necessarily have to have been paid in cash; a job is defined as anything for which you were either paid, aspired to be paid (eg commission or self -employed stuff that never actually made money) and/or had regular responsibilities towards (eg ongoing voluntary work, internships).

I was going to say 'tag as many people as you've had jobs, but I'm not tagging 53 people, so just tag as many folk as you like. I tag everyone reading this on LJ, in an attempt to re-energise LJ.
my-jobs )
(Most of the very short-term stuff here is when I was temping so was just short-term – sometimes as little as a day - some I quit. It's interesting how the jobs become fewer but longer as I've got older. I might make a graph.)
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From Marrog originally but also DaisyFlip. (no, I can't remember how to format LJ names and yes I know it's horrifically simple)

Leave a comment and I'll give you an honest compliment. Then [if you want to, no pressure] post this in your journal and spread the love.

Don't know if Ari wants to be nice too she isn't here but you will at least get one from me (maybe Ari will say something mean in good cop/bad cop vein. And yes, getting separate journals now we lead separate lives to a greater extent had crossed my mind)

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LiveJournal Username
Spaceship Name
Spaceship Size
How is the spaceship piloted?
How is the spaceship powered?
What's the upholstery like on the seats?
How do you see outside the spaceship?
What's the spaceship's primary purpose?
What's the Captain's catchphrase?
Main Weapon System:Tractor Beam
Main Defensive System:The ship is rubber. Hopefully the enemies are glue.
Chance of catastrophic failure at critical moments
Voice of the ship's computer:thegouldfish
Finds mandatory uniform unflattering:naomirudeberker
Looks sexy in mandatory uniform:marrog
Ripped sleeves off mandatory uniform:adrenalineanima
Spends an unhealthy amount of time in the weapons locker:adrenalineanima
This Fun Quiz created by Akhmed at BlogQuiz.Net
Scorpio Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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Meme from Morag/Alex

"Go to and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year."

March 4th
1924 - The song 'Happy Birthday To You' is published by Clayton F. Summy.
1966 - John Lennon says The Beatles are "more popular than Jesus" which sparks controversy in the United States.
1998 - Gay rights: The Supreme Court of the United States rules that federal laws banning on-the-job sexual harassment also apply when both parties are the same sex.

1948 - Shakin' Stevens (Michael Barratt), Welsh rocker
1968 - Patsy Kensit, English actress
1969 - Chastity Bono, actress, daughter of Sonny and Cher

1193 - Saladin, Turkish sultan (b. 1137)
1948 - Antonin Artaud, French actor, director, and author (b. 1896)

Oh, that's three births and two deaths, sorry. Fuck it.

Wikepedia also neglects to mention that it's the birth date of Brooklyn Beckham. Equally as important as the death of Saladin, I feel.

It's also the feast day of Saint Basil and his Companions. Which I find highly amusing for some reason

Not sure if I'm supposed to tag folk or just say hey everyone! Do it! It's fun.

On other notes:
Alex got into uni!!!!!!!! Well done Alex!! You rock.

Ashley has joined LJ world! Yey.



Mar. 17th, 2006 09:54 am
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Put an "x" next to the things you're afraid of, and the total number of what you're afraid of in the cut text...

[x] the dark (only when permanent, ie I know I can't turn a light on. EG when we were camping
[ ] staying single
[ ] getting married
[ ] being a parent
[ ] giving birth
[x] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[x] closed spaces
[ ] heights
[ ] cats
[ ] dogs
[ ] birds
[x] spiders and/or other insects
[ ] driving or being in cars
[ ] flying
[x] being put to sleep (anesthesia)
[ ] flowers or other plants
[ ] being touched
[ ] fire
[ ] water
[ ] the ocean
[ ] pools
[x] failure
[ ] success
[ ] germs
[ ] thunder/lightning
[ ] frogs/toads
[x] mice/rats [when they're in my kitchen]
[ ] jumping from high places
[ ] snow
[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[ ] cemeteries
[ ] clowns
[ ] large crowds
[ ] demons or evil
[ ] crossing bridges
[ ] death
[ ] Hell
[ ] Heaven
[ ] being robbed
[x] being sexually assulted
[ ] men
[ ] women
[x] having great responsibility
[ ] doctors, including [in my case specifically] dentists
[ ] tornadoes
[ ] hurricanes
[x] being punished
[ ] diseases, including cancer and STD's
[x] snakes
[ ] sharks
[ ] Friday the 13th
[ ] poverty
[x] ghosts
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains or railroads
[ ] fear
[x] being alone
[x] losing my friends
[ ] being blind
[ ] being deaf
[ ] growing up
[ ] crowds
[ ] violence

14. Hmm
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Glamorous Soul
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The opposite style from yours is Fashion Enemy [Flamboyant Conventional Random Prissy].

All the categories: Fashion Enemy Bar Cruiser Kid Next Door Sex Bomb Hippie Kid Fashion Rebel Fashion Artist Catwalk God(ess) Librarian Sporty Hottie Office Master Uptown Girl/ Boy Brainy Student Movie Star Fashionista Glamorous Soul

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Here is a nice one. Everyone, you have permission to say nice things.

Please say nice things or I'll just die!
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I was just going to fill out Sian's thingy when I thought fuck it! The madness stops here! I am not going to become engrossed or enraged by this anymore! No more!

(It is because I am very upset because somebody called me vacuous. I have been stomping about yelling 'vacuous? VACUOUS?!!!!')

I am hungover because last night we had a really posh, five or six course meal with champagne, and then we came home and drank red wine, and when we woke up this morning it was to find that we'd trashed the living room because of our getting dressed up and our romantic, but in retrospect quite violent dancing. We played eachother love songs. And we did the can can to the Pogues.

I had the loveliest day with my missus!
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Ok, here. Here are my bad bits. Perhaps people could help to point out other bad bits that I was previously unaware of. Then I could have a whole list of bad bits, helpfully gridded! If anyone wants me, I'll be dangling off the edge of the story bridge, being undecided, in a healthy grid way about my impending suicide. I hope you're all happy.

Don't listen to her! Be mean! I'm gonny!

Heh heh heh. Incidentally, the story bridge is a wee bridge in Brisbane just over there *points*

Is fine was only joking! Am drunk on champagne on valentine's day! Yay!


Ari and Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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