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Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Ha ha! I am princess Buttercup!

We killed a fish the other day. Dave has a tank full of them and I fed them and got used to them and they loved me, and then one day I went to feed them and they were already breakfasting on the floaty pale head of another fish! Cannibal voracious shark beasts! I am certain the fish died because it got overfed. But maybe they killed it.

We've just gotten the internet back up, and in the meantime have had some good news. We heard back back from Dave about putting the office in the other room of our flat, and he thinks it's a splendid idea. We will have free internet and phone line, and a place to ourselves, and probably extra hours, so more money. We went swimming again in the pool today, and practiced saying 'Our pool.'

The other stupendous news is that a nice lady from Canberra phoned me to say I have a working holiday visa to the uk. I can come home.

Yes, Fliss, we are travelling. We're just about to go to the Sydney Mardis Gras for Lizzie's birthday. We'll then take a ferry directly from Sydney to Tasmania, and pop into Adelaide to see some comdedian friends at the festival on the way back. It takes 22 hours on the ferry to get to Tasmania. If we had enough time and money we'd go on a cruise to the Antarctic. Never mind, we will see penguins in Tasmania. We have been advised that although the locals may look friendly, on no account should we get out of the car, or feed them. Also, Tasmanians are inbred sister fuckers. People here are very unkind about Tasmanians. It balances out because elsewhere, everyone is rude about Queensland.

Georgie, I forgive you for calling me vacuous. I am princess buttercup! Hee hee!

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Here is a nice one. Everyone, you have permission to say nice things.

Please say nice things or I'll just die!
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I was just going to fill out Sian's thingy when I thought fuck it! The madness stops here! I am not going to become engrossed or enraged by this anymore! No more!

(It is because I am very upset because somebody called me vacuous. I have been stomping about yelling 'vacuous? VACUOUS?!!!!')

I am hungover because last night we had a really posh, five or six course meal with champagne, and then we came home and drank red wine, and when we woke up this morning it was to find that we'd trashed the living room because of our getting dressed up and our romantic, but in retrospect quite violent dancing. We played eachother love songs. And we did the can can to the Pogues.

I had the loveliest day with my missus!
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Ok, here. Here are my bad bits. Perhaps people could help to point out other bad bits that I was previously unaware of. Then I could have a whole list of bad bits, helpfully gridded! If anyone wants me, I'll be dangling off the edge of the story bridge, being undecided, in a healthy grid way about my impending suicide. I hope you're all happy.

Don't listen to her! Be mean! I'm gonny!

Heh heh heh. Incidentally, the story bridge is a wee bridge in Brisbane just over there *points*

Is fine was only joking! Am drunk on champagne on valentine's day! Yay!


Ari and Lizzie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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