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The Queensland theatre co wants to read my play too. Hurray!

I am very clever and pretty too.

Hope they like it. Love to all.


No, that's not all I'm going to say! How egocentric would that be, to just give you good news and then bugger off? That would be the behaviour of a poo brain or a star. And I am neither. (Sometimes I dream that maybe I am Elton John, but possibly because of the giant wigs. Giant wigs!!!!) (Lizzie says she would love me to be Elton John, and she says I am drunk. This is not true. She is drunk and she is just jealous because I am so great. Plus she wants big wigs as well and is ed off because she didn't think about it first. She does not like the idea of her being in role of Elton John's husband, who is not as talented and undoubtedly on the recieving end.)

About to get on plane back to Brisbane. Pleased to be going back to own sofa and bed etc but v sad to leave Melbourne. Melbourne, I love you and salute you. You are just like home. You are full of lovely people, but not my cool people.

Bye bye Melbourne.

Lizzie is delicious.



PS Melbourne has the coolest shops in the world and excellent clothes. We saw a beautiful jacket today which we wanted to buy for Becky 'cos she'd have loved it but it was lots ofmoney. If we had that we'd be quitting Dockside and moving to Melbourne for good (well, for 3 months) It also has excellent markets full fo hippyish cool clothes and masive jackets. Ari nearly bought a lovely wool and cashmere coat for when we go home but the stall guy was creepy and on closer inspection it wasn't all it purported to be. I will find her a beautiful one elsewhere and we will buy it and she will be filled with smiles. Yey.

We are not drunk. Tut.

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Well we never did get the baked potato. We went back to the shop we saw called 'Hot Potatoes', which we presumed sold potatoes, and discovered it in fact sold plastic koalas and other trashy tourist 'memorobilia'

The hostel we moved to last night rocks. It is above a pub, and here in Melbourne they do pubs like pubs should be. In Brisbane it's all trendy bars and alfresco crap with loud muasic so you can't hear yourself think. But the Exford Hotel is nice. It has pool tables and pints of beer, and you can smoke, which you can't do anywhere anymore. Most excitingly... It has a Machine!! Ot only has Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on it, but it's the first I've seen in this heathen country. In Queensland it's all 'pokies' (fruit machines) So we sat and drank beer and played pool and saw some bad free comedy and it was just like home!! We managed to blend in well at the comedy show by sitting at the front and announcing we were lesbians and in charge of the bookings at a major comedy club in Brisbane. Heh heh heh.

Anyway yes - Thank you to Sian, Georgie, and Fliss for the lovely birthday present, which I received on Thursday and Ari mentioned yesterday and I, in a devasting display of ingratitude, didn't. It's beautiful, and served as one of our signs that coming home will be the right thing to do. Thank you.

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We are in Melbourne. As Ari mentioned. The International Comedy Festival is on and we are trying to blag as many free tickets as possible by calling them 'industry comps'. Heh heh heh heh heh. Melbourne is cool. It is the city most like Edinburgh.

Ah, I miss home.
Main stuff. Have just cut this for length. Pc was being a wanker yesterday )
Tired now. I think I may have conjunctivitis.




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