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Two very important announcements:

1 - We have set a date for the wedding!!!
Friday, July 4th 2008.

Yes, I know, a Friday but poor Alex has to be back in NZ by the Monday morning and will be shagged out as it is. Hopefully you office types will be able to book the afternoon off at 16 months notice. It's so terribly terribly exciting.

2 - For those of you in the country - our
Engagement Party (otherwise known as our official last chance to go 'so have you seen my ring?' before you are legally allowed to shoot us').

As previously announced, this will be on Saturday, March 31st from around nine at Flat 2, 8 Elliot St.
Map helpfully provided if you've never been )
Special guests include Richard Keynes (Lizzie's brother) and Ashley Frieze. Who knows who else?

Bring drink, anything/anyone else you fancy, and wear something that makes you feel pretty.

Yay for love!

Lizzie and Ari xxxxxxxx
lizzie_and_ari: (kiss) everyone who came last night. I feel hunogover and icky and have a job interview in an hour, but also feel warm and loved. We both had the most amazing time.

Thank you.

Lizzie xxxxxxxxxx


Oct. 14th, 2006 03:50 pm
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To all who are reading this -

At last, an official announcement about:
Lizzie and Ari's big Housewarming Party!
Saturday, October 21st 2006 (8ish onwards)

Carpets are in, bathroom is in, stuff is sorted and we even have our filing cabinet. There is, however, the odd bad vibe so you are all charged to come and be merry to truly warm the house and make it our own.

This will be taking the form of a Foot Party.
Everyone is charged to come wih exciting feet: either painted and bejewelled or (particularly for those who don't really like feet for one reason or another) with exciting socks, slippers, or other adornments nor worn outside. This will fulfill the joint purposes of a)not ruining our carpets (practical reason) and b) properly grounding the flat (slightly wanky, more ephemeral reason).

There will of course be rom for your outside shoes in the hallway, it's not like you have to leave them outside.

Bring what you like, including other people if you want so long as they are lovely. (very important proviso.)

Oh, this is where we live:
Flat 2, 8 Elliot St, Edinburgh

map )
See you all there!

PS: Let us know whether or not you are coming!


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