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I took these of the countryside in Tasmania. It's incredibly beautiful and I'm quite proud of how they turned out: Tasweegie )

Some of these I took when I was hang-gliding. Kinda. You're on a wire but it's cool.
me on a wire )

Oh! Morag is on the phone!

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To pick up chronologically, we left Sydney and went on the boat to Tasmania photos of/from The Spirit of Tasmania )

We arrived in Tassie, picked up our trusty car Jemima, set up camp with Humphrey and lit a fire.

pics of Jemima and Humphrey, largely for Sian so she cane see what a great time he had. )

I'm going to make pumpkin soup now. This could be difficult because we don't have a blender so I'm going to grate the pumpkin which could destroy the flavour and quality a little. It'll be fun though.

We were supposed to have tonight off - we've been off today - but we haven't because Dave has had to go to hospital because Jodie is having the baby tomorrow! It's terribly terribly exciting.

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Hi, after 5 million days, I have finished uploading all our photos from our big trip, so here are the first of more to come.

FIrst stop on our holiday was Sydney, where we went to the Mardi Gras and spent most of it drunk up a tree talking to randoms:

Mardi Gras photos. My favourite is us up aforementioned tree )

oh, and always a joy: Ari's breasts )

In other news, I'm being ballsy recently. I'm bein harsh with customers, I upset a comedian the other day, cos he was being a wanker and I told him to do what he was told, and I'm trying to stop telling my tenant that it's ok if he doesn;t want to pay rent.

Ooh. I'm hard.

Loves yous!

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Pics are posted but they are friends-only


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