Aug. 2nd, 2012

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It's not often I post, but then it's very rarely that something Gets My Goat.

Two things: Recently, my facebook page has been taken over by a group I was added to. This group contains many professional contacts, and is therefore useful. However, it is also a woman only group. It posts lots of humourless, hectoring articles about perceived discrimminatation in its industry. It also has other, more helpful items about competitions. However - at least one of these competition articles has had a comment by one of the group's founders to vote for the women who are taking part, because they are under-represented. Not, hey, vote for the most talented individual. Vote for a gender.

Second: An exhibition at Summerhall has advertised itself as not allowing any men in. NO MEN it says. It doesn't give a reason for this. It could easily have said it wanted to experiment with an all-female environment to produce some interesting art. But it didn't. Instead it produced the kind of badly written copy you usually see done by bigots - NO IRISH - NO JEWS - NO BLACKS. No men. Pfft.

Any kind of discrimination fills me with rage. I hate seeing harm done to people, and I also hate stupidity. 

Today I am angry because equality is being set back decades by people who are too stupid to allowed to be vocal. And who are, unfortunately, too vocal to be ignored. Now people will think all feminists are exclusive, arrogant arseholes. Whereas in fact most feminists include men, in some cases are men, and know that the only way to true equality is to include everyone.


Ari. xx


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