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Hello! I am supposed to be working but there is fuck all I can do - I can't finish the post-show stats until Ariadne wakes her sleepy head up, and I can't enter forms because to do that I need to be in the other room and there are two comedians asleep on the floor. Hungover, probably. Tsk. (The fact that I also have the motherfucker of all hangovers is irrelevant. Wine is nice. Yum.)

So, a few things:
1 - Sian, Fliss and Morag are my A-Team Angels. They have put my mind at a lot more rest with the whole horrible flat situation (there are friends-only posts re this) I owe them flowers or whisky or pie or something marvellous. We stood in our yuppie blah Australian kitchen feeling all warm and loved that we still have friends that come to our aid even though we are the other side of the world. So very very homesick and can't wait to see everyone.

2 - We're going on holiday! As mentioned earlier, we have comedians on the floor. For 3 weeks. More than our little heads can stand. Dave was going to give them some money and send them on holiday for the weekend-y bit in between shows. I said hang on, if you're going to do that, why don't you send us on holiday instead? We're nice. And one thing became another thing, cakes were baked and we all danced round in a circle, and the upshot is: Tomorrow (Sunday) we're taking Dave's car and his tent and driving off into the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (that's Aussie for outback) We will return on Wednesday morning, having been paid for Tuesday. On the middle night of our 3-night adventure, we will be staying here courtesy of Dave.

EDIT: Wow I just manage to put a cool linky thing in! All by myself! I rock.

Noice. So, we're going to have lots of chilling and thinking and stuff. It's going to be a sort of retreat thing, Ari can get some writing done and I can too, for point no 3 of this broadcast:

3 - I have a comedy gig!! 20th of June! Agh! I thought I'd take the plunge. I have no idea what I'm doing. He-e-elp!

Oh my head.

Tonight we are supposed to be going on a Gay Date with little Justin (from the department of same) This is goign to sound sadder than I mean it, but he's are only real friend here...that's not true. He's our only friend of a certain type. THe only one who resembles proper people. He's cool. Last Saturday he came round for soup and spliffs and we promised to teach him to cook. Tonight we're supposed to be going out on the town. We haven't done that in years.

God we're such old women.

Love and Pie

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Good morning everyone.

I feel dreadful. Someone called Lizzie's mobile this morning at 7, and I don't know who it was because I made it stop making noise immediately, and if it was any of you overseas folks then sorry and thanks for thinking of us. If it was someone who lives in Australia, though, death! I couldn't get back to sleep and I am feeling ever so wobbly now. We stayed up late smoking with some groovy people. We discussed many groovy things, and went to bed feeling very very mellow. It was nice. Justin (who goes by the alias of 'little gay Justin' or 'stoner,' a clever pun on his surname, Stone *rolls eyes*) used to work for dockside bar and now works for the department of justice, a job he blagged with splendid audacity. During his interview he was asked why he wanted to work for the department of justice, and he replied, 'Oh - I thought this was the department of Justins.' There was a stunned pause and then she laughed her head of and gave him the job. (Justin is little and gay, as opposed to Big Gay Justin, who is taller, queerer, has vicious mood swings due to his injecting of speed, can be a brilliant man but is basically scary.) Also there last night was Jamie Rowe, who djs for Nova radio. He is a comedian, an ok one, and a poofter. He gave us his furniture to use and then sell on. It is black leather and we found dubious white stuff down the cracks of one of the chairs. Jamie is lovely. Josh was there last night too, but he only drank water and then went home to bed. We tried to tempt him with hot chocolate, but to no avail. He's a really promising young comedian. Very funny, he's just reached that stage where he's confident with the ten minutes worth of material he has, and he's just beginning to improvise and try new things. It means his timing is a little askew, but it's nice to see him doing stuff with the great potential he has. Anyway, between the four of us, we smoked and drank and made merry and as is so inevitable when in the company of gay men, discussed cock. 'What do you mean you don't like cock?!!!'etc.

Ooh my head.


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