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Happy Hogmanay everyone, see you in 2011!

Lizzie xxx
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Hello people!

Ari is writing too at the moment so I may be repeating stuff, but anyway... we're in Australia!!!! Wow. Everyone speaks Australian. And it's hot. It's just the beginning of Spring, it's the equivalent of being early March back in the UK but oh no it isn't. They have sunshine here. That is a big orange thing in the sky that gives heat and everything.

Australia rocks. Rockhampton in particular doesn't rock so much (ironically). Ari's grandma's house is really beautiful, with mango trees and fruit bats and somewhere there's a possum who walks about. Ari's grandparents are lovely and I really like her uncle Bill, who lives here too. He's cool. Mark, the other uncle, I've seen less of (Ari's g'ma has 8 children - Ari's Mum, Lexie (big fat lezzer) and MIchael who are twins, Fiona (Floss), Chris, Bill, Mark and Jess who's the youngest who's only 29. Of course I couldn't possible say how old Ari's mother is because I am far too polite.

Ari's parents rock by the way. I had the best time in Abu Dhabi. They're really, really, lovely and amazing and oh did I say we went riding in Abu Dhabi on Bikry (spelling?), Ari's Mum's horse (technically the Sheik's horse but well he's dead now) Bikry is beautiful and that was the best fun. Anyway they're both excellent and best of all I think they like me which is great. And they totally accept our relationship and...that's all just lovely. Which is the important thing, makes up for the fact that her grandparents - not so much. Her grandad doesn't know and her grandma obviously doesn't approve and I really don't think she likes me which is such a shame cos she's cool and I'd love to talk to her about the Paterson family history and all sorts of exciting things. Not going to happen. Never mind. We will be in Rocky for as long as it takes for Ari to do her thing - she's not been back in ages, and we're also waiting for our tax numbers and things to come through (we opened a joint bank account yesterday which was very exciting!!)

Other than that, Australia is great. They have really strict quarantine rules and took Humphrey (the tent) away from us in the airport to be cleaned (good tip for those of you too lazy to do it yourselves)

Most importantly of all -
I saw a baby koala!!! This has made all my toil worth it. I remember the 5 million times in the winter I trudged up Blair St to be greeted by a group of 4 miserable wet tourists who nevertheless wanted to do a ghost tour despite not even speaking FUCKING english, and I had 'baby koalas' written on the back of my badge to inspire me with energy. They were worth it. Incidentally, I told them this story and hoped they appreciated it but they just slept on in the sunshine. Ungrateful bastards.

Better go , things to do.

I miss you all so much that I just typed things to miss instead of do (btw, Morag, Erin, Fliss, someone clever - what's the code for scoring through text?)

Love you all everybody (particularly Naomi, really. And Georgie. And Fliss. And my brother. And I had a dream I was in Nicol Edwards with Morag and a prostitute yesterday)


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Hello. Today is the 29th and tonight is our leaving party. I am quite stressed because we leave the day after tomorrow and we still have so much to do.


By the way, do any of you LJ boffins out there know if there's a way to write in colour or something - basically so me and Ari could write in different colours for ease and clarity.


Let me know.

Anyway I will see people tonight.



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