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 Hi all,

I have ten minutes; can I do this?

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2. This is the beginning of my last crazy week; trying to fit more days into the week than exist. This means it's technically my last week out in Dalkeith. The only trouble is I strongly suspect they're going to ask me to stay on for a bit. I can't really afford to say no. Hmm.

3. Celebrated Christmas! February be damned!  John mostly missed out on Christmas, and instead had it dominated by Korean food. So we put all the decorations back up, got a really nice piece of turkey from the farmer's market, had crackers and Christmas music, and Hazel brought a Christmas pudding and a santa hat, and Gregor brought a LOT of alcohol. We had the most delicious mulled wine I've ever had (Red wine, mulled wine spices (Sainsbury's finest), port, spiced rum and polish honey vodka, sweetened with honey. Yum). It was really really fun and I highly recommend Christmas in February.

4. Rearranged the furniture

 - oh, ran out of time. Will try and finish this at lunchtime....

Did this because we were trying to move things around so that we could put our dining room table out with five people around it. We managed to do that quite comfortably actually and thus discovered a way to make the room much bigger! The sofa is on the corner/under the window and the table is now where the sofa used to be. This is all very dull, but has the following exciting outcomes:
  • The sofa is no longer in a direct draft
  • The mess of ugly wires from the corner is sneakily covered up.
  • There are now available surfaces to put a cup of tea when you sit on the sofa.
  • The table is accessible at all times, meaning we can actually eat dinner at the table, rather than on our laps. I've always been sad about our lack of a dining table and now the lack has gone!
I know this makes me really sad, but I don't care. It has revolutionised our lives

5. Made a courgette and lemon cake. For Fiona's birthday (at Hearts & Minds). Although I think I may need to make another one for Ariadne some time soon.

6. Am running my proofreading course at Leith Academy on Saturday. A wee bit terrified just now. Eek.

7. Cedric brought in a live mouse. He has never done this before. He didn't manage to kill it, despite batting it around and carrying it in his mouth a lot. He must be very gentle. Eventually Gregor caught it and took it back outside.

Sorry, not much excitement this week - tune in next week to see how the course went, and Lovesick, and getting in all my content for the MGICF.

Happy Monday!

Lizzie xxx
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Happy Hogmanay everyone, see you in 2011!

Lizzie xxx
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Hey kids!

So, today I do not really feel like working. This may be partly evidenced by the fact that it's half eleven and I have just had my breakfast.

Tchuh! I hear you say! Who does feel like working? Well, me, normally. I'm easily distracted into working on the wrong thing and messing up my deadlines but I could quite happily be fiddling with worky stuff all day. Today, however, I feel like playing. I think I will write this (kind of work, and must be done today for the sake of my mental stability) and then maybe do some housework. Normally I like to be strict about working in working hours, but if I do the ironing I will feel muchly better and I can watch the Gilmore GIrls at the same time. Also I did do three hours work yesterday which should have been a Play Day and I have a meeting at three so will be working from thereonin so that's ok.

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Ok so have a fabulous week everyone and remember where you're supposed to be and what you're supposed to be doing at all times.

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What a busy week I have been having.
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Have an ace week!

Lizzie xxxxxx


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